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Go Tools Ltd created the tooling for PMS Diecasting to zinc diecast the top, mid and end caps for the Aston Origin microphone.

The tooling was made from the following hardened steel types, P20 plates (1.27), H13 (1.23), and Gauge Plate (1.28) and capable of creating at least 1 million + castings. The tooling was created using a 3-axis Mazak for the inserts and die blocks, a 5 axis Hurco for the bolster, an Ops Ingersoll High Speed Eagle V created the electrodes to a 10 micron tolerance and the Ops Ingersoll Gantry Eagle 400 EDM Spark Erosion machine measured at all stages of the process to 10 microns.

The tooling was completed and delivered in 8 weeks.

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