Employee Ownership

The Employee Ownership scheme is something that GoTools is very proud of.

All our employees own shares within our company. That ensures our team have a stake in the success of every area of our business leading to everyone sharing the rewards for the success of the business.

The benefits are dedicated focus by all employees on quality, delivery schedule and services. All the employees are at all times driving towards the same goal.

If employees see something that is not quite right they will be the first to point that out because they are owners of the business. This is so deeply embedded into the employee’s mind that they will not hesitate to question the Managing Director if they think that is needed. This has led to great teamwork and team consolidation within GoTools. More about the employee ownership scheme. http://www.employeeownership.co.uk/

EOA is the centre of excellence where like minded companies can develop best practice from working closely together to maximise the benefits from being employee owned.”
Philip Bruce, Scott Bader Company Ltd.

We take pride in our work and are constantly looking for talented, experienced people to work in our team.